Name is Cody, 19, drug free, amazing girlfriend Breanna Yamashita<3, music (In Fear and Faith >), downhill mountain bikes, dirt bikes, Star Wars, Transformers, San Diego Chargers, Oklahoma City Thunder
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if you see any strange links or images on your dashboard that the people you follow would never post, do not click on them or reblog them. something strange is going on. stay safe!!


do you ever get really motivated to organize your stuff but like halfway after pulling everything out and getting things all over the place you lose the motivation and just sit in the middle of the catastrophe for like 2 hours on the computer before you decide to finish

*2 months

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The final scene of Boy Meets World. Stupid show, making me feel feelings.

Oh the feels

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Fix my head…

My life

Has honestly been meaningless. And no this isn’t a depressing suicide more for attention. No, this is a promise to myself, that I’m writing for myself, I don’t care if anyone sees this. I’ve realized I have been living like shit. Always in a bad mood, always negative, never showing interest in anything really. I’m an arrogant selfish asshole that only cares for himself. I take advantage of the great things in my life and use them for granted. I put other people in bad moods, people that love and care for me, and I eventually push them away. I blamed it on others to hide my fear of myself. I can honestly see why I have no friends, and I’m constantly fucking up my relationship with the most amazing girl ever. I want to change so bad. And I will. I know it’ll be hard to fight these bad habits, these demons in my head. But I can conquer them, and live the way I should. Happy and loving. I can do it.

Cutest cat I have ever seen

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